Anti Hindi Protests

Hindi is NOT declared as national language and never will be. India has 22 official languages now. Hindi/English is used by the central government organisation.

What would have happened if no anti hindi agitations?

Hindi would be the sole language of Hindustan as like German for Germany.
The people from the non hindi speaking region would have been FORCED to learn Hindi.
English would have been dropped in favor of Hindi. Why? There is no need to learn English when all state and central governments communicate/use Hindi.
So ideally the population in non Hindi speaking region would be learning Hindi.
Since we have a singular language, it would have been better to travel the country From Kashmir to Kanniyakumari .
Off course, there would be no IT/BPO industries in India, when no one learns English. Aka everyone learns Hindi.

Who is getting more advantage, the people from the Hindi speaking region.
How? Since Hindi is mother tongue they would be at an advantages in all the exams conducted by the central/state governments.

Initially there was a proposal(Three language Formula) to teach southern Indian languages in northern Indian states and Hindi would be taught in the southern states in return. Politician from northern India failed to see the national integration behind learning languages of different states and they never accepted the first part of proposal and just tried to force Hindi on the southern states so that India can have one language.

Only due to the strong protests from the erstwhile Madras state, they had no options other than to stop forcing Hindi on the non Hindi speaking people. People from Madras state were serving at high civilian posts in the British India and already creamy educated people were more comfortable learning both Tamil/English. Already they were learning two different languages of two different part of the world. Forcefully adding another Language will cause students to learn one more language completely unrelated. Tamil, English and Hindi are having completely differents scripts, phonetics and no way related to each other. It is like learning 3 completely unrelated language. This might lead to decline of Tamil which had lived more than 2000 years. Remember, Tamil is one of the two classical language of India, another one being Sanskrit.

What +ve happened due to this protests?
Rise of English. India has largest number of English speaking people on the earth. More of the central governments exam (Engg/Medical/what ever it is) are conducted in English. Here both the People from Hindi speaking region and non Hindi speaking region are at a ‘level playing ground’, since both have to learn English apart from mother tongue. English being International, IT/BPO revolution happened, which had directly/indirectly taken millions out of poverty. Diversity of Indian language is preserved.

What -ve happened due to this protests?
People from non Hindi speaking region have to learn Hindi to do day to day routine in Hindi speaking region. The Hindi speaking people coming to non Hindi speaking region has to learn the local language.

I don’t like the attitude of the people who comes to Tamil Nadu and say why the hell you people didn’t learn Hindi and it is our national language. My answer is Hindi is never declared as national language and never will be. Just because Hindi is natively spoken by less than half of the population, it is not necessary for remaining to learn Hindi. What is the use for the majority of the people who are going to live and die in Tamil Nadu. It is the duty of the person to learn the minimal required local language when s/he happened to live in that place away from home. Say if you are going Germany, you cannot just say English is spoken by most of the people in world, Germans should learn English. You have to learn German no other go. Like that you have to learn required local language.

India is a sub continent of diversity. It would be wrong to force the language of certain regions to all of the nation. But it is always advantages to share/learn other cultures/languages to nurture the integrity of the nation. Indian Union is a federal system of states where every state has its own priorities to look into. Central government should not force anything it wishes.

Anti Hindi Agitations sent strong message to the central government that you can not force what ever you wish on the people of India without their consent. It more than anti hindi protest, protest to fight against mighty government to keep up their mother tongue. Fight against the Majority by the Minority people. Protest against the oppression of minority by the government. Protest that costed lifes but saved the right of people to have their own language. The same issue of usage of own language(Tamil) in the Ceylon(now Sri Lanka) ended up in a bloody war for 3 decades costing so many innocent life of Tamils as well as Singalese. If people live in harmony, where majority protects the minority and everyone embraces each other culture/language, we can see prosperity .

All Hindi belt leaders, just wished to make India a Hindi speaking nation and failed to see the feeling of the people. Anti Hindi Agitation was the start of decline of the Congress. Rise of dravidian parties initially gave a better voice to people. The most of the initial agenda of these parties were fulfilled. They were mostly pro welfare parties. But in the last 2 decades they become the most corrupted governments which lead to accumulation of wealth by the top party members. They turned from welfare providing parties to wealth accumulating machines with no grand vision for future. All they can do is earn 24,000 crores for TN treasure via selling alcohol manufactured by state putting back people into poverty cycle? In recent times, they are wasting the money lavishly or using it for schemes with no long term vision, just for votes! How low?

Btw., The fear that Hindi would destroy Tamil as perceived didn’t happen but, English silently took the place of Hindi. Over the time people would be speaking more English than their mother tongue (Tamil) leading to decline of their own language. English being the Lingua Franca of the world it has already replaced many words of Tamil in spoken and written form. With the advent Information & communication technologies which use English as primary interfacing language, Tamil scripts too killed now. I hate it to the core when a language uses another script when it has its own.

P.S: I am not against Hindi/people from Hindi speaking region of India. Yeah i too suffered at few places for not knowing Hindi. All are Indians irrespective of the languages we speak. We celebrate unity in diversity.

[Edited version of a post, which was originally posted on 2011-10-13 15:48, in an intranet blogging platform]


The Pirate Party of India – my thoughts

“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.”
– Abraham Lincoln.

Though we claim India as the largest democracy, its democracy just ends in voting booth. Then
people’s voice is unheard of till next election. We should change from this state of pseudo
democracy to real democracy. A real democracy is one where government is totally transparent and
works only for the people and not for the ruling party or businessman. Wheels of the Indian political
parties are powered by the engines of corruption. All political parties of India don’t have root level
democracy. It is always a top down hierarchy. We don’t have political party which is a group of

Technology connects people. With falling connectivity cost and devices cost, technology can enable
us to do wonders. Technology can make lot of things possible, which wasn’t possible few years back.
People are more connected online now. As time progress, the total count of people who use
internet will definitely go up. At one point in time not too distant almost all Indians would be online.
Technology can give voice to the people. I mean real voice in the governance of the country. We
need an internet platform to connect all Indians politically.

We need a leaderless political party driven by ideas of a great nation. The idea of political
organization run by thoughts of people rather than decision of the leader is indeed new. Indeed a
decision made by number people together will be always better than the ones taken by a leader on
advice of his/her confidants. We can leverage technology, which can act as backbone of the party
connecting all thoughts across the nation. It can enable people to discuss, vote and select the policy
of the party. Technology can enable us to completely run the party online. We don’t have to spend a
rupee on things that current political party does.
By online, I mean everything from end to end. We can collaborate to form policies of the party
online. We can frame complete constitution using simple language, online. We can define goals and
target to achieve. Lot of things can be discussed and decided. We need to develop the backbone
technology stack that is capable of connecting all people and thoughts together. We have online
social media, but they just reflect the state of mind of individuals at that point of time. It is more
centric on individuals rather than ideas. We definitely lack a political platform which reflects stands
of young Indians on various issues.

With falling average age of Indian population, we can redefine the Indian politics. Younger voting
population means more connected people. We need to connect all young people on political
platform for the betterment of the nation. I strongly believe that many young Indian doesn’t trust
any political party. They always try to vote for better of two/more evils (If they vote!!). There really
exist a political vacuum for people’s party.

We need to throw away the ideas of 20th century and move on to produce new ideas for 21st
century. As a country we need to move forward from all the social/political evils of past and present.
My idea is simple, we need to provide alternative political organization that is completely
transparent and run by young minds of India completely online with the ideas of 21st century.

Note: I wrote this to Pirate Party of India‘s mailing list.

Dream of Good Governance in India

India is uniquely distinct country with large diversified population which accounts for more than 17% human population of the world. So if we have good governance in India it can provide good living conditions to 1/6th of the world population.  But, it seems that we are moving backwards from bad to worst in governance. Transparency, Accountability & People participation are required, if we want to have good governance.

Transparency:  Transparency as in 100% transparent glass. Nothing should be hidden from the view of public and it should be shown as it is. We should move away from archaic way of doing business in government offices. We should throw away all those files. We should move forward and utilize the Information & Communication technologies (ICT). ICT can improve lot of things. It can streamline operations. It can provide highly reliable records with history.  [To be continued…]

Accountability: Indian system of governance doesn’t have any real accountability. We should have individual centric accountability. We should have timelines and it should be adhered. Everyone in the government from Peon to PM should be made accountable to public. No one should escape from the misuse of power.  [To be continued…]

People’s Participation: We should move away from the plain old model of Representative democracy to Participatory democracy.  Any major decision taken by the government should reflect the aspirations of the people. People’s voice should be actually heard and responded by the government. As a prerequisite for this model, we need to educate every child of the country with good value systems. [To be continued…]

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Hello World in Java

June 9, 2012 1 comment

//Below is simplest piece of Java code.
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hello World!");

Created this post to check if the syntax highlighter is working or not.

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Genius & Hardwork

I wish..  The two prime cost factors of success are 1.Hard work and 2.Geniusness. We can achieve anything in life by acummulating the requried cost factors. Say a specific goal requires 100 units. Geniusness can bring in 20 Units and hardwork can substitute the remaining 80 units. If we are luckily to get 40 or more units from Geniusness, then only 60 units or less hardwork is needed. With more Geniusness the same task can be achieved with less hardwork. But with more Geniusness one should try to accomplish bigger task which require more units. For the genius who has 40 units should try to reach a goal which requires 120 units. Except gifted few(definitely not me) most of us have very limited geniusness and so we have to work hard to reach the goal. I was(am?) a lazy guy who was carried away till date with slightly more than average geniusness with no respect for hardwork.

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The story of home inverter and more

March 28, 2012 1 comment

Inverter and Battery

The demand and supply gap in electricity production and consumption in Tamil Nadu has alarmingly increased to an extent that we face around 10 hours of load shedding. Government was sleeping for the past decade taking no required measure at required level, which leads to this state of powerless state. We have a demand of around 12GW but state has been able to supply only around 8GW of power.  Except Chennai (just 2 hours) all other cities and towns face around 10 hours of no electricity. I cannot imagine how worse it will be in villages. Read more…

Incomplete blog posts

Here i am going to list out blog posts which were abandoned after putting some efforts. It still may be possible for me to come up with same title with better perspective in future.

  1. MyChoize App – this blog is supposed to be a technical write up on one of my successful primitive coding in Android.
  2. Trip to Tiruvannamalai – no not a spiritual one. It is about driving to and fro. And about playing cricket on real ground :p
  3. The power of social media – This is relatively a better thought out blog which never materialized.
  4. Access to better education, a better India – So this is supposed to be serious write up, which didn’t came up as expected.
  5. Dysfunctional democrazy of India – ha ha, u guessed it, a damn serious one on the state of the country i am in.
  6. Better roads, Better economy – This is more on how corruption ruins economy to larger extent than we think.

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